The \"T-24\" model was created to be a cheaper alternative to the larger summer houses. It is a compact summer house which contains everything You need in its rather small area of 24 m²: a room for resting, a kitchen area separated by a bar, a niche for a bed (the sleeping area) and a separate room for a WC.

The walls are 45 mm thick, the floorboards are lain on top of the impregnated frame and floor joists, and the roof had been prepared for medium roof covering (for example, bitumen tiles). The windows can turn and tilt (can open in two directions), while the front door may be half glass or eschew glass altogether.

  • Product dimentions
  • Wall thickness: 45 mm
  • Length: 6,50 m
  • Width: 4,00 m
  • Floor boards: 20 mm
  • Side height: 2,08 m
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