Garage TG


A wooden garage with a side-hinge door (fastened from the inside). The floor frame had been pressure treated. The half-glass single door had been manufactured from glued-laminated pine timber. The turn & tilt windows have regular glass with glazing bars. The two windows and the glass on the door provide natural lighting. The roof has two sloping surfaces and the construction is designed for medium roof covering. The garage \"TG\" is available in various sizes (see table).

  • Product dimentions
  • Wall thickness: 45 or 60 mm
  • Width x length (1): 2,80 x 4,80 m
  • Width x length (2): 3,00 x 6,00 m
  • Width x length (3): 3,60 x 5,16 m
  • Width x length (4): 4,50 x 5,50 m
  • Width x length (5): 4,80 x 6,80 m
  • Width x length (6): 4,80 x 9,80 m