Paying attention to each and every part during the manufacturing process

Our production is notable for being flexible. It is based on detailed design drawings from our designers. The artisans pay great attention to each and every part of the product. Should it become the necessary, the entire assembly line is adapted to the needs of the client - and this, in turn, enables us to fulfil our clients' specific requirements.

Our timber is jointed in one of two ways: lengthwise (in order to obtain timber of sufficient length) or width wise (in order to obtain timber of sufficient thickness).

Our production facilities have a fully automated machine that allows for exceptionally precise cuts, which means that the building is tightly joined together.

Outside walls, divisions, floor slabs and the roof are manufactured as separate elements at the factory. This way, we are able to ensure precision and fast assembly at the worksite.

Most of the assembly lines are automated and computerized. This enables us to reach a high level of productivity, ensure our wood products are of a high quality, expand our assortment and implement the specific requirements of our clients.