Sauna Baika


Outdoor sauna with a dressing room. The roof had been extended and protects the door against precipitation and the sun\'s rays. The floorboards are lain on a pressure treated floor frame and floor joists. Ordinarily, the ceiling of the sauna is insulted with 5cm of rock wool. The turn & tilt Euro-type windows come with double glazed units and glazing bars, high quality \"Roto\" hardware and aluminium window sills. They are durable and weatherproof, made from glued-laminated pine timber. The shutters may either be solid wood or louvered. This would not only enhance the appearance, but would also provide additional protection.

Comes together with the interior equipment of the sauna - bunks, pillows, backrests, a rest between benches, protective grating for the stove, floor grating, a lampshade and a little bench and chair for the dressing room (made out of wood from deciduous trees). The outdoor sauna \"Baika\" may be assembled together with a terrace.

  • Product dimentions
  • Wall thickness: 45, 60 or 95 mm
  • Length: 4,30 m
  • Width: 3,70 m
  • Side height: 2,08 m
  • floor boards: 30 mm