Sauna Vido


This spacious outdoor sauna is perfect for allowing a larger group of people to relax. The terrace boards are fully protected from environmental effects (pressure treated terrace boars). The terrace is ringed by a decorated fence, which makes it more attractive. A canopy with closed panels is included on the other side of the sauna.

The sauna boasts glass doors and large fixed windows, which is why it is exceptionally bright inside. The construction has been reinforced and is suitable for heavier roof tiling. The sauna includes its own equipment - bunks, backrests, floor grating, a rest between benches, pillows (from black alder wood).

  • Product dimentions
  • Wall thickness: 60 or 95 mm
  • Length: 14,40 m
  • Width: 4,80 m
  • Area: 76 m²
  • Side height: 2,60 m