Skogtun 29


Skotgun 29 is a Scandinavian summer house. Even though it doesn\'t boast a large floor area, it also has a second floor. Noted for its strong roof construction. Vertical boards are fixed to the corners of the summer house. This increases the tightness at the corners of the house, protects against wind and rain.

The turn & tilt Euro-type windows come with double glazed units and glazing bars, high quality \"Roto\" hardware and aluminium window sills. They are durable and weatherproof, made from triple-layered glued-laminated timber.

  • Product dimentions
  • Wall thickness: 60 or 95 mm
  • Length: 6,70 m
  • Width: 4,30 m
  • Area: 38 m²
  • Side Height: 2,34 m
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