A small, compact summer house. There is no need for additional insulation, since the wall and ceiling panels have been manufactured with rock wool and the membrane inside of them (the walls consist of 115 mm wooden panels, with 50 mm of rock wool inside each). The floor is insulated as the house is being built.

The turn & tilt Euro-type windows come with double glazed units and glazing bars, high quality \"Roto\" hardware and aluminium window sills. They are durable and weatherproof, made from triple-layered glued-laminated timber.

The assembly of the summer house \"Viking\" is very quick: two workers without any additional equipment (a crane) can assemble it in a single day. The house may also include a terrace. Ordinarily, we offer a selection of 6 variants of the \"Viking\" summer house (see table).

  • Product dimentions
  • Width x length (1): 3.93 x 2,62 m
  • Width x length (2): 3.93 x 3,70 m
  • Width x length (3): 3.93 x 4,78 m
  • Width x length (4): 3.93 x 4,78 m with dividing walls
  • Width x length (5): 3.93 x 5,86 m
  • Width x length (6): 3.93 x 5,86 m with dividing walls
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