The walls of wooden houses are notable for their good insulation properties: they are quick to warm up, but slow to cool down. The air is constantly circulating in these buildings, which in turn maintains optimal humidity. We use tough northern spruce wood when making our walls, manufacturing out of profiled or glued-laminated timber.

The use of glued-laminated timber results in the durability, good heat insulation, high quality of the finish and freedom to choose the design of the building. The surface of such walls is even, which is why there is barely any necessity for indoor or outside finishing (and the cost of construction goes down). The walls out of glued-laminated timber retain their form and dimensions - it is possible to furnish a house like this without delay.

The "chalet" fitting of the wall corners is exceptionally tight. This in turn leads to a very warm home. On request, it is possible to insulate the walls of wooden houses with rock wool. They are then perfectly suited for year-long living.

The corners, where the walls meet, are exceptionally tight
Wall timbers are of various thickness: