Wooden house walls

Wooden walls have very good self-regulating insulation properties with low space consumption. This is due to the physical properties of wood as a natural building material and the sophisticated constructions that are possible with it. Wood has also the unique ability to absorb moisture and release it back into the air as the room dries thus perfectly balancing the air humidity for people with allergies.

Glue laminated wall logs offer superior strength and stiffness, are not only cost-effective but also highly customizable to fit special needs or precise dimensions. They have smooth and beautiful natural texture and barely need any indoor finishing.

Nevertheless, it is important to professionally maintain the outside surface on a regular basis.

We use CHALET corner connection for the walls, which is exceptionally wind-tight and weather-proof.

Walls can be prepared for insulation in case you want to improve the energy efficiency of your house: the two layers of interlocking logs are constructed allowing the insulation to be sandwiched between inside and outside walls.